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Our formula for a successful Main Automation Contractor (MAC) project: combine a deep engineering perspective with rigorous project management, supported by innovative technologies and delivered by dedicated experts.



  • Project risk management is a collaborative process between end user, vendor and EPCs 

  • Operator Training Simulators (OTS) decrease operational errors and plant shutdown frequencies through effective plant and process simulation

  • Close integration with EPCs through engineering tools shortens design phase by 1-3 months and reduces project rework 

  • Leveraging OTS for controls Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) reduces time consumed for FAT by 2-4 months and minimizes onsite reengineering efforts


An intelligent system for on-line optimization and automated control of the burning line.

Integrated in the existing process control system, controls and manages in automatic mode the production start-up and ramp-up up to the defined production level. It also allows automatic adjustments of the burning line process parameters (fuel flow, air flow, kiln rotation speed, clinker cooler fans) according to the production load based on continuous process measurements (temperatures, flows).


  • Decoupling hardware from software removes the need for full staging and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) 

  • Schedule risks are lower because process data can be used earlier adopting Engineering Workbench workflow

  • Intelligent enclosures and universal I/O brings automation wiring and commissioning in at the lowest cost 

  • •Leveraging rules and templates that enforce best practices results in global project consistency 

  • Virtual engineering and testing ensures fewer design errors and best operational readiness

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  • Burning line operation and control in full automatic mode

  • Stabilization of the pyroprocess parameters

  • Increase of the energy efficiency of the burning line

  • Reduction of emissions (CO2, NOx)

  • Optimization of the clinker quality

  • High flexibility and modularity

  • Independent operation of each unit for a better autonomy of the installation

  • Automatic cold start-up & ramp-up program

  • High stability and reliability of the controls

  • Easiness of adjustment by operators


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